Life Going Dark

We want to create a connection between viewers and the ocean, creating visual representations of human impact towards underwater life. We wish for the audience to walk away thinking that they have an active role in this world.


Coral Commitment

We were inspired by the film Chasing Coral so we wanted to make a call to action for our display to get people thinking about ways they can help combat the coral bleaching effect.

Follow other people’s coral commitment on our Instagram: cdmchasingcoral.

For resources or how to find our more about the film check out








About the Team

Natalia Escobar

Who is Van Gogh? Her dog’s name is Vincent Van Dog! Natalia Escobar is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. Her experience ranges from branding, editorial and advertising to motion graphics. Being involved in the creative processes, creative direction and production pipelines of communication projects, she believes in the transformational power of ideas put to action.

Eric Huang

No Jam? No bread? No problem! This designer has all the solutions to complex world problems! Eric Huang is a User Experience Designer who is passionate about creating a pleasant user experience and designs for digital products.

Sherlaine Lau

Zombie Apocalypse? Laine is prepared! As a project manager, she’s ready to handle anything. Sherlaine (Laine) Lau comes from a multi-disciplined background in project managing, designing and building websites. She has a passion for getting creative individuals together and bringing ideas to life.